Visitor Feedback

“I love this new log bench. I can sit and rest under the tree with my dog.” Gilbert, community resident

“Thank you for installing the benches around the track. Even with my disability, I can walk all around and stop at each bench and take a break.” Thurgood, community resident

“I have lived here for 35 years and used to come to this park. I have recently returned to walk and I’m thankful for the all improvements.” Allen, community resident

“I love your labor of love. It’s beautiful, you should be proud of your hard work.” Hilda, community resident

“I have so enjoyed all the garden development of the walking area that you have accomplished. It is very impressive and very pleasant to walk around all the areas and learn about the plants and enjoy the variety of God’s creation.” Pastor Grant  

“Every time I come to the park, I look to see what the volunteers have added or changed. It’s like an Easter egg hunt.” Matthew, community resident 

“I have live here almost my entire life. I love coming here and exercising. I can’t wait to see it when the trees have grown more.” Chris

“I come from Lemon Grove to run here since it’s so nice.”

“I grew up here and love what your are doing to improve the area.” Angelo, community resident

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