Paradise Gardeners is planting and maintaining street trees, creating a native plant demonstration garden on a covered landfill, has installed a native biota mural, participates in community cleanups and habitat restorations, offers gardening classes and operates a seed exchange library.

Paradise Gardeners continues to develop and maintain a sprawling new water-wise, native plant demonstration garden located on a covered former landfill within Paradise Hills Community Park—Paradise Hills Native Garden.
Paradise Gardeners initiates ongoing tree plantings near neighborhood thoroughfares, Crape Myrtles (Lagerstroemia) along South Woodman Street, African Fern Pines (Afrocarpus) along Paradise Valley Road.
We participate in I Love A Clean San Diego annual clean-up events.
We work with San Diego Canyonlands to preserve the integrity of Paradise Canyon.
We support reforestation in Cleveland National Forest, mitigating our drought and wildfires.
We partner with Friends of Paradise Canyon to help protect community open space.
A block wall, long targeted by taggers, is now a mural celebrating our community and native biota.
Member-grown plants and crafted garden items are offered as incentives for donations to the club.
A seed exchange library is available to the community at the Skyline Hills Branch Library.
An upcycled log bench with a view, Paradise Hills Native Garden at Paradise Hills Community Park.

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